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I’ll sleep early today

Usually my shift ends at 3am or 2am. By that time I know I resemble a zombie already.


yeah. more or less that way.

So I have decided to wrap things up a bit early – just today. cutting myself a little slack from working online. And indulge myself two hours more of sleep. Instead of sleeping at 3am, I’ll hit my bed now, nearly 1am PHT time.

and more post for tomorrow.




Eating Healthy is Expensive

What do I mean by this?


Several weeks ago, I made a dreamboard and one of the items I included in that is eating HEALTHY or Eat Healthily. That would mean more veggies, more fruits and less red meat and stuff with oil and high cholesterol foods. But see, I am in the Philippines and quite honestly it is expensive.



Usually the current staple here is RICE – WHITE rice.








Oh yes, that one. A kilo of it usually costs around P40-45 (Philippine Pesos) now. And mind you, the usual amount we partake is not just a cup of it. lol 2-3. But that’s cheap. Yet unhealthy. Some says white rice is not good since it does not provide VITAL NUTRIENTS needed, it has low density and the husk is totally scraped thus removing the nutrients. YET it is greatly consumed here since it is what people are used to (including me). NOT HEALTHY at all but CHEAP compared to the healthier variety like BROWN RICE.

I tried switching to be able to “convert” us (my family included) to follow my goal.

brown rice

I looked it up online and found out that..

Brown rice (or “hulled” or “unmilledrice) is whole grain rice. It has a mild, nutty flavor, and is chewier and more nutritious than white rice, but goes rancid more quickly because the bran and germ—which are removed to make white rice—contain fats that can spoil. Any rice, including long-grain, short-grain, or sticky rice, may be eaten as brown rice.  source:

see? it is a whole not healthier YET a lot expensive because of its scarcity in supply. Thus an average Filipino person could not afford on my opinion. I could not afford it too. sad.

This is just one comparison that I could share right now. The reason why I wanted to do this personally is that my family has a history of diabetes and one cause of it is from eating lots of white rice. I would like to take a small step of changing from white to brown. but for now I could not do so because of the price YET I was still able to make small steps by minimizing the portions of rice we intake.

From 2-3 cups of rice,  I was able to cut it down to 1 cup per meal. I definitely could feel a change. My blood sugar is lower than before. I am not sure how I would start with the kids. They are used to eating white rice, like I have said its part of being a Filipino.

I wonder if anyone here can give some tips or advise? Even in bread – we use flour, white flour which is almost same as consuming rice. Whole wheat bread are also expensive is not available to common average Filipinos.


Take for one this:








This is a common food item, PAN DE SAL – cheapest kind of bread that we, Filipinos love to eat every morning when it is still hot paired with a steaming cup of coffee. But see, it is not as healthy as it looks. lol. but again we buy this, including me because I like its taste and it is CHEAP!








Now this one is a whole wheat bread, made from whole wheat which is healthier. Right? but a lot expensive so most Filipinos ignore it, well common average ones.


There are lots more to compare if I think of it. Probably in my next post I will. for now I will have to wait for any ideas from some of you who might be able to give me some tips on how to change the usual staple.








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