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i don’t know how to sew..

I could remember my Aunt ( she is now resting in peace ^_^) teaching me how to use a sewing machine and a needle and a thread way back my grade school years… i could remember her telling me to insert the thread in the needle as i as  have better eyesight than her..and she would let me ran the sewing machine.. and make straight stitches, running stitches..and thats how far i get from learning how to sew.

Too bad, i actually feel i should have learned more, i should have insisted she teach me more. I envy those who can, but it is never too late right?  all i need is a good sewing machine. Lately i have been relying on my ever handy dandy GLUE GUN _^ best creation ever for me too! lol. I can glue whatever i like to glue.

Last week, one of my daughter’s top button on her school uniform came off, i do not know where i put my needle and thread ( i have some in cases like this) but since i could not remember where it is ( bad huh) but i know where my glue gun is, i turned it on and hot glued the button on her shirt…and well it stayed there till now. Even if i wash the shirt its still on. god i love them lol…

and yes one of son’s shorts at home was ripped in the middle from too much jumping and running…so instead of sewing them i hot glued them as well. Lol.

I know such a bad mommy? well i am just using some errr.. initiative as i love using my hot glue gun, i would glue gun my crafts, some decors for my tutu…and stuff.

But since i have been viewing a friend’s blogs, and i envied her as she can make those little booties and they are really cute! Plus she sewed them instead of hot gluing it like i do lol i even hot glued a katya bag too.. and its sturdy! Believe me. But yes i would love to learn how to sew..and i might try it one of these days….


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Which is which?

I encountered this article on today regarding Kate Upton, a supermodel. But unlike other supermodel, she is not skinny, in fact she is a lot different from the usual skinny models we see on tv. She became confidential as on blogger said that Kate Upton  has “huge thighs, NO waist, big fat floppy boobs, and terrible body definition.”

this is Kate UptonIt got me thinking, what is really your definition of fat? Personally there are people who call me fat, there are also come who would comment that i am at the right size for my height and body index. So which is which? When does one draw the line to being fat and draw the line to being thin?

When do you call someone fat?

When do you call someone thin?

See, i am fond of watching America’s Next Top Model and usually the models i see there are skinny.. way skinny for me, they are like skin and bones but i like the fact that Tyra would still emphasize to eat right.  But then not everyone views things that way right? For them models should be THAT, skin and bones. Yet plus size models are already emerging, yes they call these ladies plus size models… maybe Kate Upton is included to that list.

I think that her body is “healthy” she is not fat and she is not thin, i mean if that blogger referred to her as FAT i wonder what that blogger thinks of Adele? (No offense intended for Adele as i love her!) but really, is this how some people think already? That models should just be those skinny type people?

Maybe it is about time to correct things, maybe it is about time we see these kinds of model, healthy looking models not the anorexic kinds that will walk in the run way. Kate looks healthy for crying out loud, she looks like someone who eats normally, someone who do not starve herself and someone who can eat a bar of chocolate!  Maybe it is about time the media will recognize this too, so that our teens, kids can see that someone like her with that kind of body type can model and is the right kind of body to have.

really. Because as a parent, i worry sometimes that my kids will watch these run way shows and see this skinny models and end up wanting to be like them and what if their body type is not the same as those models? what if my daughter will be on the heavier side like Kate? I do not want them to starve themselves.

I am just so glad that Kate Upton owns up her body, she flaunts it, the blogger says she flaunts it in a way that looks so pornographic, i wonder how she defines pornographic? Glad that someone like Kate is proud of her body and has no problem like starving. Plus it is nice to see someone who can flaunt a bikini that is not size zero! Way to go Kate!

just sayin… 😛