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Earning online and opportunities

At first i was hesitant with regards to earning online. Until one friend introduced me to when i started at the site, i was really skeptic if it really pays. i do not know the ins and out of the site, i do not even know how it worked as i was really that lazy to read the guidelines. Lol. until i reached my first payout of 10 dollars which was not big but it was already enough since i was doing it only during my spare time. Then i started making friends in that site ( the site banner is at the side see it please! 🙂 ) when i started making friends in that site, it was easier to earn. Yes it was easier to earn more in that site when i started making friends, it was easier to share articles, easier to share stuff and easier to earn as the more you write the more you earn plus the site was not that strict to your grammar as long as you are not violating the rules. Plus they pay. I could really attest my earnings in that site. I made more than 5 payouts in that site and i am looking for another payout this coming month. Hurray!

But i also learned that mylot is not the only paying site that is legit really legit. I am also writing on right now,  they also pay and i can guarantee it as well, but it is not as interactive as mylot but if you learn your way there you will not find it hard to earn as well. you can join here if you want to :)) and i can help you through the way.

I am quite comfortable with these two sites as i know they are legit. I also tried those PTC sites but i really do not have patience for them as it takes you a very long time to get the payout and the cash out. I tried doing the survey thing as well but i do not like it either as there are not that much advertisers here in the Philippines that uses surveys online and if there are so scarce and pay less.



Father’s day weekend

There were just so much hype regarding father’s day. I do not know why, it is the same with mother’s day and any other special days marked in the calendar. Well, like what the one blogger said it was just created for entrepreneurs to earn more lol for business sake i believe.

But then again i still greeted my husband a happy father’s day which i know he really did had a happy father’s day as he together with my father in  law, brother in law and his son all left for Dapitan City last Saturday for a father’s day weekend. It was not actually what i planned but what can i do? plus i know he will have a blast and he really did. 

but i didn’t greet my father, not because he was not a great father as he was even though not perfect. I could not greet him because my father is in the province still and they do not have any signal… i could remember being a daddy’s girl. He would often be the one combing my hair when i was in my kindergarten years, he would always ask if i ate which i would fuss because i always hated being asked always and he would often bring home food after his duty…or he would be the one fussing over when i got sick. It makes me nostalgic thinking about this because my i took all of these for granted. Their dreams for me was shattered – my own fault. I got pregnant quite early and i know those dreams and aspirations were broken into pieces and i know that trust too was broken. But somehow i know they have forgiven me and one proof is evidenced as how they would take care of my kids when i am away, or how they would call me at home and ask if my kids ate already or who is looking after them since they are away. How i wish i could tell him and my mommy i love them, but they are not really emotional people and never in my entire life heard them say these words…but somehow i know they love me. I just do not have the courage to tell them.

Anyways, hubby came home yesterday 5 in the afternoon, we had dinner with his family and looking at him, i know he is happy that day. My husband will never be perfect but i know he is the best for me and my kids.


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