in order to really enjoy any story, you need to get the ending out of the way as soon as possible


If there is one person who has a lot of fear – it would be- tada— ME!

I admit it, and maybe one day i will get to overcome those. Right now let me enumerate:


sorry for the lopsided pic. LOl. But i took this shot last night when we went to visit my friend’s son who has brain tumour. ( It was very sad to see him that way – heartbreaking). But i do have fear of hospitals, maybe i watched too much horror movies whose scenes are at the hospitals. They really creep me out. Plus it gets eerily quiet at night! I hate roaming around hospitals. creepy.

elevators – i also fear going into one. hahahha i always have this thought of getting locked up inside – alone. I am claustrophobic too by the way. What is oxygen ran out? What if there is a ghost inside? What if it malfunction and drops to the very ground?? Horror.

Millepede. I who would love these creatures? I HATE THEM.

What is totally bad is often times i always see them at HOME! Its like everywhere i go there they are. I just hate them. They make my skin crawl, i cannot bear to look at them. I despise them to be more specific. There was a time when i was carrying my youngest son and i was hurrying inside our home and i accidentally stepped on one of those creepy creatures!!!! I was like – OMG – because i was on barefoot and i heard the crunch and when i looked it was one of those and i thought i would faint but i stopped myself because i was carrying my baby. I had to scrub my foot again and again. I really do not know why i hate them.

paranoia? i don’t care. 😛

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