in order to really enjoy any story, you need to get the ending out of the way as soon as possible


on May 20, 2013


I was tinkering just now.. and I was able to make this dream board.


4 responses to “My DREAMBOARD

  1. d3swirlz says:

    Jav! You’re blogging again! Saw the update on my blog. Hehe. I had your link on my sidebar, with the latest post, and saw that it’s changed. 🙂

    I like your dreamboard. 🙂 Go, fight, win!

    Unfortunately for me, I’m still stuck, like an orchid in formaldehyde. LOL! I’m think I’m going insane!

  2. Hahaha we stuck one way or another dawn but somehow we will get through it. I mean me and Jeff have been stuck also for quite sometime now. same problems, same events…but can’t help but still dream right? so that’s what my dreamboard is for.. reminder:D so make also one for yourself! hehehe!

    And thank you for replying here, yes I did blog again. I was thinking of how to improve my writing skills hehe!

    I was actually reading one of your blogs too, you at the Ocean Park 🙂 Caye’s mini acting stunt.. lol

    • d3swirlz says:

      lol! It’s so difficult for me to find something to write because nothing’s happening to me. That acting stunt of Caye was a lucky moment because I could post about it. lol.
      Hmmm, a dreamboard. Wouldn’t that just frustrate me more? Thinking of things I can’t buy. As if the guys here aren’t making me jealous enough. Have you seen Caye’s new S4? 😥

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