in order to really enjoy any story, you need to get the ending out of the way as soon as possible

My Korean Obsession

on July 18, 2013

Korean melodrama to be exact.


Given that I am working for almost more than 16 hours day, it amazes me that I still have time to watch this melodrama. Lol.

I was never into Korean song – K-pop.. or Korean movies, in fact I am quite picky with these kind of stuff… until I saw the trailer for this melodrama to be aired on ABS-CBN. It’s Zo In-sung ( Jo In-sung!) I first saw him in Memories of Bali a few years back and he is a great actor. He was young back then and a whole lot different now in this melodrama – THAT WINTER, THE WIND BLOWS.



Hubby calls it my current obsession. 🙂 What i love about this one is the story. It is not as violent as the rest and I LOVE THE ENDING.

The ending? Ok ok I cheated, lol i looked for it online and watched the ending before I went through each series. Don’t wonder – i go to the ending immediately even when reading books so i won’t get my heart broken. haha!


But this one the ending is just perfect. The characters matched perfectly and the actors are amazing. It is very rare that I give compliments such as this (not that my compliments matter though lol they don’t know me) but I LOVE them. They were like crying the whole time yet it wasn’t sappy or overwhelming or too much. It was just right that it will get stuck in your head. Just the right amount of story, plot, drama that you feel like it is true.

and for a guy.. Zo In-sung can definitely cry and his leading lady Song Hye-kyo is definitely a great actress  – a good match!



what i love about this is the plot – not predictable. very nice!


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