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Working Online

on July 18, 2013

Two months ago I was talking to a friend online, it’s been years since I talked to her and we were trying to catch up with stuff. While talking to her, she mentioned that while she was here in my city she was working online. See, I am someone who is open to these ideas. She told me she used to work for That sparked an interest in me since I am looking for extra ways to earn and earning online sounds very pleasing. But of course like everyone else who haven’t tried it fully I am skeptic.


I do not have doubts with working online, in fact I was earning from a discussion site which was but sad to say they closed the site down for some reasons and they stopped paying. I was earning around $10 from that site since 2008. So I was sad it closed it. Well back to my friend, she told me that is genuine and you do get employed from that site. I actually do know about odesk, back in 2009 I did signed up for but I GOT CONFUSED with their site! But this time I logged in again and they have a new look, a lot more user friendly and easier to navigate and THEY do have lots more work not just for IT people!

That moment immediately, I looked for jobs that would I think be suitable for me. There were data entry to data mining sites and VA jobs. I honestly, do not know what a VA is. But I do know what an admin assistant is. I do know MS Office, I am tech savvy if i may say so. I courageously applied for those jobs! Yes even though I do not have any experience I applied for jobs last April. Several data entry, transcriptions and VA jobs. I even had to search in Google what a VA is! haha!


I told hubby about this and he asked friends around and to our surprise a lot of his friends are in fact doing this type of job already. After a week of submitting applications I received an invitation for interview!! I was so happy actually because I don’t think I had a chance given the number of people applying.


My first job was for a guy who asked me to do some question type task- where I need to list 150 questions and He will pay me $10 for it. It was a fixed rate job. Then the next day I got a confirmation for a VA job! It was hourly paid type of job which was what I was really looking for! I went through the interview – hubby did help me set up a work station though. It was that ASAP. lol.


and till now I am working as a VA to sum it all up. My pay is not that HIGH yet – unlike some who I asked around who get hourly pay of more than $5 per hour but it is fine with me. I don’t have work experience and yet I got accepted. This is like a stepping stone as a VA.

There are certainly things that I learned from working as a VA like..


1. It is hard to stay up at night. Lol. I am someone who values sleep and I tell you it was an adjustment for me. Now i sleep around 3 in the morning!!! and wake up at 5am to fix my kids snacks for school! But i am well adjusted now.

2. I am loving my work as a VA and the next items will tell you why.

3. I need not worry about my office attire. Since working online allows me to just stay at home, I could just work in my pajamas 😉

4. no make-up needed. lol

5. I love being online.

6. As a VA I learned a lot of new software like atlassian/confluence, learned to use chatwork, learned what social media marketing is and the likes

7. Working for my current employer also helped me REFRESH my grammar! She is an English Teacher and an Education Consultant therefore she is that METICULOUS but I don’t mind. Everyday is a learning day when I am talking to her.

8. FAST INTERNET CONNECTIONS –  I don’t know what an mbps is before but now I am very particular with my speed lol.

9. Extra money. need I say more? 🙂

and a lot more. This is a hype now I guess but from what I have been reading this is a growing industry too.

Hopefully I would grow more in this industry.


I have also been venturing in social media marketing – see my widget about earning online!! and sign up if you are interested 🙂


There are lots more to tell. I will take time to make a post tomorrow 🙂




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