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my kids and books

As someone who loves to read, i also want my kids to be book lovers too…

so these past weekends… i have been visiting bookstores and been buying them books..of course most are picture books for my 2 year old and 5 year old sons and a story book for my 8 year old daughter. Below are my kids with their books that they love now! i am looking forward to buying them more of it.



This one if a picture book with a cow and the cow with a doodle eye in it, what i love about it is it is a POP-up book! Then the second picture was that of my son with a spelling book, it has pictures at the side like that of a key and letters at the side where they would spell it using those cards! so cute and colorful!



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Is there even such a thing?

Honestly, i am musing about this right now because i so badly want it. right now.

Don’t take me wrong, nothing is that bad in my life, i have great wonderful kids who never cease to make me laugh.. and a husband who makes me feel loved too..but sometimes with all so much going on with work and house stuff.. it is just too much. makes you want to crawl inside a box – sound proof and just stay even for an hour!

Yeah yeah i know i won’t fit into a box so i get my dose of peace and serenity from these places at home:

the BATHROOM – with all the chaos at home sometimes, i find peace when i am alone in the bathroom, not just for bathroom break.. i would stop for a moment and just sit there. just think of nothing. it is peaceful i tell you.

the KITCHEN- i guess no one will mess with you if you are really the one handling the food and the knife.

other than these places i could not get the peace that i want!!! and it honestly gets frustrating..

oh well, this is like one of the moments in life that i know will come more. ^_^


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