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crafts crafts crafts!


crafts crafts crafts and these are keeping me busy last night. I was so glad someone ordered these from me! yey and i was really glad as i love doing these.. this one is for Ms. Li and her daughter..the black and white one is for the mother and the pink violet one is for the little girl..very cool huh? it was easy to make and fun too!


X-Men Overload

I am so glad that Star Movies thought of showing the X-Men movies in one day. Yes, last Saturday they have shown here all the Xmen movies, from the first till the lastest one X-Men First Class. Yeah yeah i know some of you have seen it already and probably are fed up by the movies by now. But well, me and hubby are not lol we could watch it again and again and will still find it amusing,fascinating and exciting. X-Men freaks.

I really do not mind watching it again and again as i do not mind looking at Hugh Jackman’s biceps and abs..well you know how buff he was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. ^_^ Funny as we were watching it, we get to observe new stuff and learn new stuff again. We always end up awed or laughing too. Then we would go back again to memory lane!

I could remember being in second grade, i guess that was 1994 when i saw first the X-Men, it was just in cartoons, no fancy looking cartoons back then. It was just your simple cartoon, with Prfessor X in it, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Wolverine! I could remember there were cards available for swapping or for games! And i definitely remember my mom getting pissed off as i often let her by me those cards and i know i stacked them till i do not know where to store them.. i had almost each of the character’s cards, i forgot how much they cost. Sad to say, cannot remember where i put them ,really… but i guess i forgot all about them when i got hooked into reading and paperdolls… and yes someone might have stole it from me, or i left it in the tricycle just like what happened to my POGS ( yes those pogs! any one knows them? those pogs are like those cards shaped in circle and got those funny faces and cartoons in it but those pogs were freebies back then by Coca Cola! I got loads of them too..i left those in the tricycle which i normally ride on my way to school must have dozed off and well left them,sad sad, tried collection them again but lost interest) anyways yes i do not know where those Xmen cards went to.. you think they might be worth something today? my bad. lol.

see how buff Wolverine is? would watch it again and again lol Anyways the guy on his right is Gambit and i later on learned that he was the actor as John Carter ( another movie)

now these are pogs ( i know this is not part of the topic) but just sharing so you guys might have an idea what am i blabbering about. lol

Well back to my Xmen overload thing, yes we watched it from noon time till 11 pm! that was all Xmen movies in one day, how cool is that? The amazing thing here is that MY KIDS CAN RELATE! Lol i could not help but laugh and smile and feel good about it as i know there is one thing me and my kids could talk about and relate, we all love X-men. We end up fantasizing what powers would be great and what would i be if i were an X-Men.. my daughter says she wants to be Storm as she is powerful – she got mother nature on her side right? my 5 year old son wants to be Wolverine, then later on he wants to be Bobby -the one with the power of ice and the later on he also wants to be that little boy with a bald head on Xmen The Last Stand, he was cure as all powers go nada when they comes in contact with him.. as my son is also bald yeah later on i told him why don’t you be Mystique? as she can be anybody lol we end up laughing about it.

So yes mutants may or may not be true ( i am open to possibilities that there might mutants out there, i mean how about David Blaine, he has some serious mind abilities and magics right?if you believe in it though or Cris Angel – but i am not a fan of him though) but yes what if there are mutants right? animals in some ways evolve, plants evolve, so it is a possibility that we, human beings also evolve. So what powers would you want? I really do not mind my husband evolving to some kind of Wolverine. ^_^  and yes i told him that, he end up laughing so hard.

When we were watching Xmen the Last Stand, i could not help but notice the part where Wolverine needs to kill Phoenix ( Jean Grey’s other personality, she has schizophrenia!) well yes that part, where everything was dissolving to nothing right and Wolverine needs to come up to her and kill her..and he was in clothes right? with the shirt and pants and i noticed ( err was too observant) that how come his PANTS are still on? i mean he lost his shirt of course it would not regenerate, only his body will regenerate as he has healing powers. SO HOW COME HIS PANTS are still on? ^_^ hubby said i am nasty sometimes. haha! 🙂

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