in order to really enjoy any story, you need to get the ending out of the way as soon as possible

It goes on and on and on in my mind


goes on and on and on in my mind right now. I love Enya. Do you? I hope you do because i cannot get this over my mind right now. Me and hubby do love this song from the moment we’ve heard this in Lord of the Rings.

It is soothing and calming too. Its like raindrops of the rain.

I was never really mainstream. While friends would listen to Beyonce… i listen to Enya… 🙂

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death ends a life – not a relationship

We attended a funeral last Sunday and it made me remember this book.


At times of death, people grieve, people cry…people hurt. A lady did said that during the funeral, she said that it is ok to grieve and to cry. That it is part of life. A line from this book entered my mind – DEATH ENDS A LIFE, NOT A RELATIONSHIP.  And i have seen that from the family and friends who were there. They showed how much they love their father, LOVE not LOVED because they still do love him and it shows. I have seen how they treat each other – them, who was left behind. From the way they talk about their dad, it is evident how much legacy their dad left.

It made me and my hubby realize what  more we need to do. What is important and what is whats not. The one who passed away showed that much love, that is passed on to his kids and we, as parents, wants to be that way too. There is so much lesson in dying. It makes me personally think back of how much impact i am giving my kids. Will i be significant to them like the one who died? Can i also give love as much as he did? Will i be appreciated and loved as he did? These things enters your mind sometimes..or my mind. Or i am just thinking too much.

“If you don’t have the support and love and caring and concern that you get from a family, you don’t have much at all. Love is so supremely important.” This was also from the book, and it so many ways it is true. There are things we need in this life to live but there are things much greater than the material things, the intangible ones that are far greater important like time and love. This book maybe about death..but much of it also talks about life. How we must live our lives, what is important in our life. Re-reading this book made think. Made me remember the little things that i kept on forgetting – like spending time with the kids…and showing them how important they are..and being at the funeral also made me remember that and this book.

How i wish people could see life the way Morrie did… or all of us can see life that way. Maybe things would be simpler. I love how Morrie was so at peace with himself and how at peace he was with dying. How he asks the little bird everyday if it is his time to go. No one can do that, if i ask anyone here i guess no one can honestly say if they ask themselves when they will die. Because personally i do not lol. I still have so much to do and yet i feel there is so little time.

But after the funeral, we made it a point to spend time with our kids. Yesterday, i also took a day off with them ( yes no internet and no books even!). I spent my time with them at home. I saw them eat, i saw them smile and laugh and cry. I see to it they bathe and they brushed their teeth and even get to see if they have cavities in it! lol. These are the little things Morrie wants us to remember, to collect, to rejoice…and these are the little things I personally do not get to see much. As a working parent, I barely get to be with them.

Re-reading TWM was indeed a great revisit.

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