in order to really enjoy any story, you need to get the ending out of the way as soon as possible


Aside from books, i love food. These two goes hand in hand. When i am with a book, i find a need to have some munchies with me… it is a must. Its like yin and yang. Inseparable.

So what is my latest food obsession? LOACKERS. hahaha this was suggested and triggered by a fellow bloggers I have seen Loacker in the grocery a bunch of times..but since it is a bit expensive. I ignore it and take the local ones we have hahahaha until i saw her opinion of it…and told her i will try it and tell her what i think of it.

So i did try it last Saturday, i sent her a message and told her i love it. It is creamy and light. It smells good too lol i tried the different flavors… chocolate and hazel nut..and the red one..

this was the one i tried last saturday! it is indeed creamy and worth it for P50.00..

I even bought more for my kids to try..

and this is my daughter digging in the loacker i gave her…


and this is hubby ( i forced him to try it hahahah he does not like sweets that much) but his reviews are great. he loved it too!


so you see? i am addicted to this and so are my family….and currently devouring one loacker again.


I also wonder where this Loacker obsession will end. Maybe when i get to taste another one that will surpass this current obsession. 🙂


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2 responses to “obsession

  1. socates says:

    nice pic ng hubby, with so much emo mode ha…hehehehe 😀

  2. hahaha he did that on purpose! Actually he doesn’t want to taste it… he is not into sweet foods kasi..pero i told him masarap cya ayun sinubukan tapos sabi ko i will take his pic for my blog hahahaha no choice cya.

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