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What makes Jollibee a success?

yeah i know. A lot of people already thought of this but my hubby just asked this the other day. We were at Jollibee with the children. I answered him, the children loves it here. But he said, no they don’t. I said yet they do – but then when i thought about it again, maybe they do not like the food since my kids just eat the sundae… but they still want to come here. Maybe because of the playground…and there are a lot of kids there.

But here in the Philippines, you always see this store full of people. Weekend or not. Maybe it has something to do with their advertising… or the way they present their food… people come and go to Jollibee.

The owner is filthy rich.

Personally, the only food i like here is this


their chocolate ice cream sundae.

I guess i got fed up from eating too much of their very popular Chicken Joy… and i do not like how their nuggets taste. I still love McDonald’s nuggets and sundae – the caramel one which Jollibee doesn’t have.


Then again, other people do not mind. Lol. They still visit Jollibee and i do not want to go there on Sunday’s because you barely get to find an empty seat.


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