in order to really enjoy any story, you need to get the ending out of the way as soon as possible


This is a major category. I love food, i love to eat, i love to go food tripping and try new food.

the good thing is i found a husband who also love food as much as i do. this page will be more on food and where we go eat and what food we eat.

The other night, hubby took me out on a dinner. We went to Pasonanca at Dawgs.. ( i am sorry i really forgot the name of the resto bar we went to) they actually serve more drinks though lol but the place is pretty cool. From the menu alone, your mouth will water.

this was the menu – pardon if isn’t clear. I only used my phone when i took this pic.

after scanning the menu, i found out that most of the food served are “pulutan” type lol but not the usual ones..but more on the protein and cholesterol side and no dessert! darn. They only have ice cream, i was wanting to eat some leche flan or a salad, they do not have. too bad but the place is pretty cool so i forgive them for not having desserts.

Me and hubby both ordered this:

We ordered this: Spiced Chicken with different herbs and spices…

and yes it is quite good.

it is obvious i like how it taste. lol! see?

If i am to rate the food by how it tastes i will give this 4 stars out of 5. Since they do not have desserts.

the bar.

the employees there are all in black which is pretty cool too. this isn’t biased ok ? my hubby knows the owner lol.

If someone will ask me if i will come back here, it is a definite yes. my kind of place.


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