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pastries, cakes and the likes

I really have some great affinity and likeness for pastries.

I believe, i was born with that. ( If that is possible) Maybe because my mom was baking when she sad me. Lol. absurd. But true, my great likeness for pastries. It is like i could LIVE with just eating cakes and pastries….

Last night was my mom’s birthday – there we had cakes again! yipee!

That is the cake lol with my little boy peeking in. He loves it too. It is UBE ( yam) with white cream frosting at the side which is right for my taste not to sweet not too overwhelming.

and this is the cake for my sister bought it..and it was delectable. It was the right creaminess and chocolatey πŸ™‚ like i’ve said i could eat it all my life. lol.

while these are my personal fave

Brazo de Mercedes – awwwww my mouth is watering right now just from looking at it!!! it is light, fluffy in the outside while sweet, creamy in the inside!! PERFECT!


Red Ribbon’s Oreo Cookies and Cream Cake…. yumm-o! Tasted this last Feb 3 during my son’s birthday and i love it. Different textures in it… but surprisingly it is not overwhelming ( hindi nakakaumay) my son kept on trying to take those cookies on top!

my long time fave – REVEL BAR, i had this first when i was in college – a local bakeshop here in Zamboanga, CAPPRICCIO serves the best REVEL bar till now! πŸ˜› i love them. Cruncy, creamy, gooey, chocolatey all in one!

now you might have guessed what my SUGAR LEVEL is! πŸ™‚


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2 responses to “pastries, cakes and the likes

  1. socates says:

    Bakit di mo ako pinatikman ng revel bar na yan nung nagpupunta pa ako diyan?

  2. awww oo nga po now ko lang naiisip..hmmmm πŸ˜‰

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