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What’s with Chicken and me?

Hubby was being generous last night and took me out. He told me it’s my choice. I could choose what we will have for dinner. I told me i have chicken in mind again. Lol. I know one of my posts here also was about Spice Chicken…but well, i was craving for chicken again. He took me in this restaurant which his friends gave good reviews….

The place was nice, and clean.. it wasn’t one of those fancy restaurant. But it was quite good, i was surprised there are a lot of people dining last night. Mostly looks like businessmen too having some drinks with their dinner.

I ordered Chicken Pianggang, which i asked hubby if it was Muslim food and he said it might and he said it originated from Malaysia. So it is Malaysian food.

I tried looking up the internet for the recipe but can’t find any. Or it might have a different name.

This is chicken pianggang with Atchara as side dish. The chicken was cooked with coconut milk.. i really do not know how it turned black-ish in color. But it tastes quite good. This is my first to try this dish. I love the sweetness of the coconut milk paired with the smoky flavor from the cooking. It also has spices in it that made it spicy. So sweet and spicy at the same time but it is not too much it didn’t over power the whole taste of the chicken. Plus the chicken stayed juicy within – just as how i love it. Of all kinds of meat – chicken is the most that i love. lol. obviously.

and yes i paired it off with unsweetened pineapple juice from Del Monte. ( I am in some detoxification process here you see lol).

the end result?

err.. that is my plate. Oh and yeah i also requested hot sauce for more spiciness! 😛

and hubby”s?

his plate was clean as well.  yumm-o!




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2 responses to “What’s with Chicken and me?

  1. socates says:

    naks! you and hubby are always in the dating mode huh!!!good! you have a couple time, to maintain the kilig factor in a relationship. keep it up!

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