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My Pursuit of Happiness starts now.

on May 20, 2013

Last night me and my husband were out, a semi-date night for the two of us. Nothing special, just an out of the moment decision. We were in bed and we all of the sudden decided to go out. Just us. It’s not like everyday we go out on a date. Often times we have to bring the kids with us. We do feel guilty going out without the kids with us. But last night was different, it would be just us.

I asked him where would we go? He told me, why not watch a movie? It has been quite some time since we did. I for one watched a movie in a cinema 9 years ago! Can you believe that? 

He told me “Fast Furious 6” is being shown. Ok I want to watch that too. We told the kids we both are going out, glad there were no complaints from them! 

I won’t be boring you out with all the details. All in all the night was ordinary but somehow became extraordinary. He lost his key, he looked for it till 10pm, and we found it again and it was a laugh. But at the end of the night, before we went to bed. I told him this is what it should always be… just simple happiness. We don’t need money to make us happy, we in fact didn’t spend much. Just simple happiness. Next weekend we could take the kids to a local park, or go out and eat fish balls. Nothing fancy just simple happiness.

My husband is not really the type of person who tell me stuff about happiness, or life but he surprised me last night when he agreed with me. He said, we could live with this. Nothing fancy just as long as we are happy. Our bank accounts may not be that heavy (haha!) but we could put the kids in good schools, have money for emergencies, somehow that is enough. But still he told me could put up a dream board, put our dreams on it. 

Oh wow, I didn’t know he is one to initiate such. But yes I told him yes. We could start it tonight. Just simple dreams. Little achievable ones. 




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