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The boy who sneaks in my bedroom window by Kirsty Moseley

on December 27, 2012

Its been a while since i have written something here and well that would be because i am on hiatus. lol.

Anyways i have read several books the past few months..weeks i have been away. There were so many it will probably take me sometime to share it here. But i would start with the most recent i have read last night. It was titled The boy who sneaks in my bedroom window by Kirsty Moseley. Yes, i never heard of that book and i never heard of the author… those new contemporary books probably. I just found it online and bought its ebook copy as i find the title a bit intriguing. The first thing that came to my mind it might be some kind off a chick flick thingie.

But somehow i was wrong, i like the plot i love how it started with Amber, Jake and their family and their background when they were kids and eventually it showed how Liam came into the picture… i love how the author was able to entwine together Liam and Amber and make their love story together. It is one of those books that makes it a light read but the whole setting and plot at the same time takes it to a bit higher level.. but for me i could not take it down. I do not want to elaborate more as this might become a spoiler for those who are intrigued with the story. Generally the story was about Amber who was abused as a kid and Jake her brother become her protector but it was Liam – Jake’s best friend who was the one who end up sneaking in her bedroom everynight to hug her tight to sleep ( and yes no sex) and eventually fall in love with her…and you have to read the book as to how it goes. I like how the plot went, how the story entwined, how she faced her father, how she fall in love with Liam.



a must read. 5 stars! ^_^


2 responses to “The boy who sneaks in my bedroom window by Kirsty Moseley

  1. Siobhan says:

    You’re right, the title is definitely intriguing!

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