in order to really enjoy any story, you need to get the ending out of the way as soon as possible

Fifty Shades Darker

on September 19, 2012


i started reading this book last night and i could not stop reading until the end of the book… why? well i want to see how it goes and i can say EL James did got better on this one. There were just confusing parts, like the placing of the antagonist.. he like appear in one scene and then appears at the last part..its like the villain is not even there lol..though i know the story entirely just revolves around Christian and Anastasia yet it would be a lot more interesting if the author emphasized a bit more on the villain..and like the part where Christian was gone for awhile, it was a part where she could have stretched out more – it could be like the climax of the story or something. The book felt like it did not have climax… its like just going on and on and on and the reader, me.. just like waiting where the big part will be but the book was just like going on and on and sometimes it gets confusing too. Though i do have to say James did well on this one, i like how she mod Christian’s character, the way she make him look like a good guy with a bad trait and make him adorable and make you imagine him more. But interestingly, i would still move on to the third book tonight and let me see how the story goes.



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