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Weekend Book: Fifty Shades of Grey

on September 18, 2012


Several weeks now, my friends were constantly talking about this book. I thought this was like one of those vampire – wolf – supernatural kind of book again. I did not even bother to read any review about it lol.. my friends were raving about it, therefore it must be SOMETHING.

I have been reading some Meg Cabot these past few weeks, therefore a change of different author wouldn’t hurt…i looked for a copy of Fifty Shades online and i got lucky this weekend and found it!

So saturday night, got nothing do and started reading Fifty Shades of Grey. The title itself is quite intriguing honestly…but the thing is, as it progressed.. it got kinky lol.. i didn’t know it would be full of erotic, over the top sexy kind of book! I thought the book would be the drama kind that would sweep you off your feet kind of book… but i guess i thought wrong.

I finished reading it last Sunday night, what do i think of it over all? well.. there was just too much sex in it, i mean well yes it is an adult kind of book (duh) but well there were just too much sex for my taste. As for the characters, Christian Grey’s character is attractive enough for me, like some kind of fantasy guy that would make your knees weak kind of guy… the plot was fine but the writing was not that smooth…but over all a so-so book for me, enough to make me read the second book and tell you guys how i feel about it.

A friend on facebook told me that she does not like the book much as she said it is over-rated, it is a water down version of Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty series! I was surprised about this and i didn’t know Anne Rice have these kinds of book too! so well ,i looked for it online and found ebooks of Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty Series and just downloaded it and will be reading it this weekend to see how it compares to Fifty Shades of Grey. But i would not really want to compare the two as it would be unfair for E.L James of course as E.L James is a newbie on this while Anne Rice for me is a legend.



2 responses to “Weekend Book: Fifty Shades of Grey

  1. Nicole O says:

    You probably thought it was a vampire/werewolf/supernatural thing because it started as a fanfiction story based on the Twilight series. The only thing that was changed was the Edward and Bella became Christian and Anastasia. Other than that, it’s really a word for word fanfiction story. E.L. James even admits she wrote it as Twilight fanfiction to see if there were enough people interested in the story to try and publish it as original fiction. Apparently, there were.

    I haven’t read it and I won’t. But I do find reviews like yours interesting.

    • glad you for taking time to read my thoughts.. i really could not say mine are good or whatever review lol i am blurting out what is on my mind. I actually read the second book and will be doing a post on it later. I didn’t know it started out that way. thanks 🙂

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