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Weekend Book: The Mediator by Meg Cabot

on August 29, 2012

I was searching for a nice ebook i could read thru my phone this weekend as i ran out of hard bound books to read….so i stumbled upon this ebook that i find interesting enough. I was actually just searching for an application, free ones for my phone.. lol and then i saw that this ebook was written by Meg Cabot,  the author of Princess Diaries. So i downloaded all 6 ebooks on my phone!

As of now i was able 4 of it – 1st to 4th book which i really am fascinated actually. lol. the books are more like chick-flick kind of books..where you know teens would read but hey nothing is wrong with me reading it hahaha.. i do read what i can read and beggars can’t be choosers. right?

But hey i did have fun (still having fun as i am not done with it) my eyes are hurting from reading from my phone, i am not using those very high tech new phones actually..mine is a corby by Samsung and its enough for me already. lol. i can read, there that is enough. I find the story quite intriguing, there is this teen girl who can see dead people. I thought it would be a lot creepier, a lot you know filled with freaky stuff but then again i would not expect from Meg Cabot right? she created Princess Diaries and it was more like romantic teeny books… and well i like the Mediator. Suze / Susannah the main character came from New York and transferred to L.A where her mom lives with her new step dad and 3 step brothers. I find that nice how the author put it that way plus they live in this 100 something year old house and when she arrived she found a ghost in her bedroom and she said it was a hot ghost lol.. but eventually she fell in love with the ghost and that is intriguing too as how the story would end in this 6 book series..and i will definitely finish it.

With the years pass, these ghouls and monsters of the night has been evolving.. i mean from twilight – the vamps are hot hunks, the wolves have 6 packs to die for and well.. it has been cool to be vampire. What happened to Lestat? lol or Count Dracula? Well on this book even ghosts are not scary at all..and the main character can kick their ass literally. she can touch them and she can kiss them or him that is..Jesse the ghost in her room. So what happened to ghosts being creepy?

Anyways it is a book i do not mind my daughter reading too. i will be finishing this series and tell you guys more about in after i read it. so far so good.


2 responses to “Weekend Book: The Mediator by Meg Cabot

  1. RozAnn56 says:

    So glad to know you are enjoying reading books my friend! 🙂

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