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Weekend Book: DORK DIARIES Tales from a not-so-fabulous life

on August 13, 2012

This book is written by Rachel Russell.

What made me interested in this book are the illustrations. I saw this on the shelf of my niece who i was helping out in her declamation piece. What was nice about it was that it was cute and i also love how the book was layouted and illustrated. I borrowed it and read it with my daughter who also loved the color of the book actually and not really the whole reading stuff …but somehow it enticed her and i am planning on buying those books for her too!

the book i borrowed was actually book 1 of the series..and it is funny and witty and something i know my daughter could relate too. She was even laughing with me when we were reading it. I of course need to slow down for her as i was also explaining some words she could not understand.

So yes i love tween books because somehow i know my daughter will get attracted to READING Too because of this book! very recommended for teens and kids starting to read. love it.



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