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i don’t know how to sew..

on August 1, 2012

I could remember my Aunt ( she is now resting in peace ^_^) teaching me how to use a sewing machine and a needle and a thread way back my grade school years… i could remember her telling me to insert the thread in the needle as i as  have better eyesight than her..and she would let me ran the sewing machine.. and make straight stitches, running stitches..and thats how far i get from learning how to sew.

Too bad, i actually feel i should have learned more, i should have insisted she teach me more. I envy those who can, but it is never too late right?  all i need is a good sewing machine. Lately i have been relying on my ever handy dandy GLUE GUN _^ best creation ever for me too! lol. I can glue whatever i like to glue.

Last week, one of my daughter’s top button on her school uniform came off, i do not know where i put my needle and thread ( i have some in cases like this) but since i could not remember where it is ( bad huh) but i know where my glue gun is, i turned it on and hot glued the button on her shirt…and well it stayed there till now. Even if i wash the shirt its still on. god i love them lol…

and yes one of son’s shorts at home was ripped in the middle from too much jumping and running…so instead of sewing them i hot glued them as well. Lol.

I know such a bad mommy? well i am just using some errr.. initiative as i love using my hot glue gun, i would glue gun my crafts, some decors for my tutu…and stuff.

But since i have been viewing a friend’s blogs, and i envied her as she can make those little booties and they are really cute! Plus she sewed them instead of hot gluing it like i do lol i even hot glued a katya bag too.. and its sturdy! Believe me. But yes i would love to learn how to sew..and i might try it one of these days….



One response to “i don’t know how to sew..

  1. Mommy Maye says:

    Hi! Thank you for mentioning my sites. I know you can learn how to sew too.

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