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Oh crap we woke up late

on July 18, 2012

Normally i do not have problems waking up in the morning. Honestly! No matter what time i wake up, i always wake up early.

I would often wake up at 5 in the morning, my body clock is just used to it. But i do not know what happened today and i woke up at exactly 6:14!!! Now that might be still early for some but it is not for me. lol. My kids have school at 7:10, that is their assembly time and we need to be up and about by 5am so things will go smoothly.

So i tell you things were not smooth this morning. Lol. It was like a tornado, i need to get things fast. Thank God my Mom was there and when i went to the kitchen, the food was cooked. Bless her! I am so ever thankful she is here. Anyways things were still rushing lol my kids also woke up early as they always depend on me to wake them up. I had to wake them up and had to prepare their clothes. They had to take a shower in a rush!

I never really want to be this way again. It sucks. I am not used to it. My kids had to take both their breakfast and lunch to school which i really hate too, they just have to eat it during recess.  I am not so proud of it right now. I know my kids were late for school and my daughter kept mumbling..darn i had to sign the late book again. 😦




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