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Things i want to do before i die

on July 17, 2012

For some reasons i feel like writing this.

1. get a tattoo – for countless times now, i have been wanting to go and get one. Hubby wants to get one, so i said i also wants to get one, but since i am scared of needles this might be a good way to get over it right? an overdose of needles! lol. I told him i want to get one and he said where should i want it? i said i want one in my right hand, around my right finger..more like a ring like tattoo then hubby said that would be painful as the skin there is soft plus it is near bones so it might be a lot painful. He is scaring me when he told me this, so i said ok i should get one at my left side of my back shoulders.. and he said yes that can be and when should i have it? i answered him, when i know where to buy some courage to go and get one. ^_^ but i will.

i want this in my back. for some reasons i love scorpions.. i find it mysterious and sexy little creatures that sting.

2. Have a book collection or have my own library at home – yes, since i have a lot of books now, i want a portion of my house turned into library. Since we do not have our own house YET this dream still is non existent but well in the making. I have a lot of books at home that i would love to put and showcase and i get to my own library, wish i could buy collections of different books…

i imagine my library to be like this, except that that type writer at that corner be replaced by a laptop of course. 😛  i want my library to be this cozy and warm and full of books that i love.

3. have my own art exhibit – this one is still far cry from reality as i barely get my hands on some paint and brush, but i know somehow i will get to this, maybe together with my daughter too as she loves arts and paint as well.

4. overcome my fear of millipedes. for some reason i hate them.


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