in order to really enjoy any story, you need to get the ending out of the way as soon as possible

i could definitely say that books are better than movies :P

on July 16, 2012

I finished The Princess Diaries book 1 and 2 last night and i could definitely say that the book is better than the movie. My friend, Donna once again warned me that it is totally different from the movie. From the very first pages of the book i could definitely say there was a big difference. For once, her father is alive in the book while in the movie they killed him. ^_^  Since i saw the movie first before reading the book, it was way clearer where the difference lie. I actually know that books are better than movie, the book is a lot detailed, so while reading it i could totally picture Anne Hathaway still in my mind and Julie Andrews as her Grandmere.. i just have that blank face when i read about her father lol as he was dead in the movie. ^_^

I love the book more as it emphasized more on Mia and M.M ( Michael Moscovitz – Lilly’s brother) I also pictured him the way he is in the movie. The book was full of pseudo-zaniness of downtown life and i love how Meg Cabot made Mia narrate her life through that journal. It was funny, witty and when i was reading it i feel like this cartoon image of Mia flashing through my mind.. tall lanky girl, lacks the chest area, with those thick eyebrows and big mess of a hair.. that was how i imagine her while i was reading the book… Plus you cannot help but love Mia’s character, it was genius Meg Cabot created her, she was like a typical teen and i would totally recommend this to any growing teen out there lacking of confidence and zen in their life. The book maybe for teens but i had fun reading it, it was full of fluff! I could not help but laugh out loud at her thoughts, how she describes Mr.G and eventually learn to life Mr. G and how she comments on her father’s testicles or the lack there of. It was a light read for the weekend which i glad i did as reading too much suspense can create darkness in my mind^_^.

I want to read the book more as i only read books  1 and 2 and i know my dear friend, Donna is still looking for the other books in this series as she said she misplaced it but i will bug her more as i love the book and wants to continue reading the series..till i know what happened to Mia and her love story with Michael plus i also find Grandmere’s part quite hilarious particularly the part where she helped the so called blind man who was not even blind in the first place. The book makes you want to read more of it… and yes it was totally different from the movie… which proves more that books are way way way better than movies… which makes me want to encourage my kids to read more than to watch more.. 😛



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