in order to really enjoy any story, you need to get the ending out of the way as soon as possible

Gap Creek by Robert Morgan

on July 14, 2012

second book i read this week. i started it last night and ended it last night.  i borrowed this from my friend Donna too, i never thought the book would be how it was in the end. i did not expect the book to be that way. but then again, i must have overlooked the line below the title “the story of a marriage”. Julie Harmon was not the typical lady who acts like a lady and do lady chores, she was more like man who can do what man can do – from bringing fire wood to killing hogs. i thought it was one of those typical love story one reads in a book but then it is not. She met Hank, who thought life would be easy as well, Julie also thought Hank would be like his father as he looks up to Hank like his father who would do everything family…but then Hank was not, he was easily discourage from loosing his job. I find the story a bit monotonous, as if there was no climax. I thought it would climax where Carolyn, Lou and Garland visited them because at that point Hank was like “flirting” with Lou…i thought they were doing some nasty thing behind her back lol but it turned out Hank was not that way ( IT was just my mind!lol) there were a lot of points in the book where i thought it was the climax but then there was none… or for me i guess.. it feels monotonous the whole time. Or is it just me?

I do have to agree that this is indeed a story of marriage, that in ones marriage it will never be always a bliss, there would come a time where you both lie down in bed and one hesitates to touch the other one, or there would be time when you do not know what to do when you see your spouse feeling like crap because of financial problems. Or there would be times when one of you would rather give up like when there was a flood in Julie’s home and they were like giving up but both still survived. But i do like the part where Julie got pregnant but still sad as the baby died and she had to gave birth alone! I imagined the part she went through – that also symbolizes marriage, that sometimes when the other is down, one should be there to handle all problems alone and it is a matter of how tough or how strong the person is to be able to survive such problems. but after her giving birth it was Hank changed into this man who knew his responsibility and he was like a renewed person. They took things one at a time and though they left the home they lived, they are still together no giving up.

I am glad i read this book even tho it was not as exciting as expected, like a marriage too…that sometimes in a married life, it is not always exciting. It was also a coincidence that i read this book last night when me and my husband had a small argument.. it made me realize that married life will never be perfect, we will always argue, fight and still make up. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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