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Chinese Cinderella

on July 13, 2012

A few weeks ago i asked my friend Donna for some books to read as i was book-less for sometime now. She suggested i read these books

Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah

Gap Creek by Robert Morgan

Princess Diaries

These are her own books, i went over last night to get her books while i also let her borrow my Catherine Coulter collection. I started reading Chinese Cinderella last night as i found it interesting as i never heard of this book before.

It was interesting as the opening part taught the basics of Chinese, i was fascinated as to how they refer their children back then, Big Sister, Third Brother…and the likes. But my friend warned me that this book will make me cry and yes it did made me cry, i know my husband was thinking how silly i was crying over a book! But indeed it was really that heart breaking to think that a person could be such cold and bitter to a little girl. Yet no one could blame them as their society dictates them to be that way back then, their culture was so tight and conservative that females back then much more a little kid does not have any authority to speak one’s mind.

The main character Adeline Yen Mah / Jun Ling in Chinese, was just a few months old when her mother died after giving birth to her, i believe that was like a curse for her as her family came to hate her after that, even her own father could not recognize her, could not even remember the spelling of her name and remember her birth date!

Yet she was still a lucky one as she, Adeline had grandparents who still cared and an Aunt Baba that tried her best to inspire and protect her and lucky her as she had a mind that made wonders for her. A mind that made her father recognized her and what she was able to achieve all the years she suffered.

I cried most at the part where she won as the president of the school yet her parents did not even recognized it, she was transferred to another school and was left there alone even during Christmas. It amazed me as to what kind of a parent her father was? I could understand the stepmother a little bit though as she was not exactly her child but she was still in human for me, as if she does not have a heart to care for a little kid. To think there was also a time where she was forgotten and she was left in school alone, hungry and cold and no one remembered to get her.

As a parent, it makes me realize how much children needs love and care and attention. I have three little kids too and yes i get busy all the time, with work, with life…and there were times i do neglect to see how they are doing because of my work. This book reminds me that sometimes work is nothing compared to them. After reading the book, i slept with my kids beside me. I slept after crying a lot because of this book. It was so heart breaking knowing someone went through this…but i know she was not the only one who went through this…there are a lot of children in orphanages without the care of a parent, or parents… without someone during holidays.

I would totally recommend this book especially to teens, to kids out there who feel alone, that somehow there is hope.



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  1. I¡¯ve also been thinking the identical thing myself lately. Grateful to see another person on the same wavelength! Nice article.

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