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Schindler’s List

on July 11, 2012

Just watched this movie over lunch time and for a 3 hour movie it was worth every minute of it. The whole movie was quite educating for me. When i hear the word Nazi often times the word evil do come into my mind.

A few days ago, i was able to watch an episode of NatGeo’s Nazi Death Squad. Normally i do not watch anything that has history written on it. But the episode got me engrossed. It talked about the death camps in Ukraine, where mass killings were done during the holocaust. It concentrated on the Einsatzgruppen in Ukraine where 33,000 Jews were said to be killed. They were said to stand in the pit. bare naked. shot to death. It was even said that a one bullet policy was put, therefore those who fell into the pit were probably not dead but eventually died due to suffocation as bodies falling on top of each other.

During the years that past we have heard of the holocaust, the mass killing, the gas chambers…. yet i was never really one who put an interest to it as my country is far from where it happened as our country also experienced suffering at that time during the WW2. But it sparked an interest in me to know more about it. I know for a fact how evil Hitler was. This is something i am not ignorant about. But seeing those photographs about the killings was plain gruesome.

I even shared this interest in the online community i belong to, i shared what i thought of the episode i saw and a friend of mine there suggested for me to watch Schindler’s List. I have heard of this movie before but never really thought of watching. But since someone suggested it, i downloaded it and watched it this noon time.

Tears were in my eyes at the end part of the movie. Oskar Schindler was a hero in that movie. ( Aside from the fact that i always find Liam Neeson handsome :P) The end part where he told the Jews they are free made me cry, the fact that he was a Nazi and helped the Jews was touching, it made me realize that there is always goodness in all of us no matter what our race, color,ethnicity,background we came from… there is goodness…somehow there is. The part where he was given the golden ring which the Jews made was also touching, he cried saying he could have gotten more Jews, more than the 1100 he was able to save.

I never really knew this was a true story until now and somehow i know i will read more of this in the days to come. The movie was something i would let my children watch and educate them.



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