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wearing it till it is worn out

on July 9, 2012

Last week, Saturday, i found myself staring at my pair of slippers and shoes… and i do not know what to wear. lol. Usually when it is Saturday, we can wear anything we like in the office thus slippers and shorts can be used. Normally i would wear my high heeled shoes together with my office outfit.

Saturday came and i could not find a pair that can still be worn. I realized i am someone who does not often buy shoes or slippers therefore i have no choices. This is not because i am so thrifty… i just find myself buying what i need first for me and my kids rather than buy and buy and buy….. I looked at my flat shoes which i normally wear on a Saturday it is now really worn out lol. scratches on both sides and the tongue is out. So i really could not use that. I opted for my rubber slippers. somehow i felt like i committed a fashion crime ^_^ wearing rubber slippers in the office. Glad no one noticed.

i wonder if anyone else out there is like me? lol. i really do not buy anything unless i cannot wear it anymore. So i purchased another flat shoe to wear on a Saturday. See pic! lol.

i do not know how long this will last as they are cheap ones actually…. but i will wear it till they cry out loud ^_^


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