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She can create

on July 9, 2012

I always encourage my kids to get creative, for them to use their minds.. to imagine and create things out of the ordinary stuff they have. Lately they were using clay in school for projects.. I was never able to give them that much attention as it was also hectic at work.

One time, my daughter – 7 years old and my son, 5 years old were playing with the clay, i thought were just making shapes out of it.. when i saw what my daughter was able to create. I always pride myself for being creative but i know somehow my offspring is a lot more creative that i. To my delight, she was able to create a little dinosaur out of the clay she had and my son was asking her for more.

Sad to say i was only able to take a picture of this as our little 2 year old kept on grabbing the ones they created and smash them. don’t you love kids? ^_^

her little dinosaur creation.


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