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paranormal stuff

on July 9, 2012

I always believe that there are entities existing in this world which we cannot see by our naked eye. I also believe that there are people, gifted ones i call, that can see them. When i was a kid, i always see shows that talks about the paranormal. There are people who said to have the third eye who can see them. I could remember when i was a kid, there was this show shown in our local television called “Magandang Gabi Bayan” where every November particularly on All Soul’s Day and All Saint’s Day where they feature all the creepy stuff you could ever imagine. No matter how much my parents forbade me to watch the show, i always find a way to go and watch it. ^_^ I am a sucker for these creepy stuff.

Growing up, i would watch all creepy movies to gruesome ones. But i never experienced any of it.

But lately, creepy things have been happening at home. We actually live at our current home right now for already 15 years and nothing creepy happened to me. I would sleep alone at the living room and nothing creepy ever happened. Until lately when my nephew, 3 years old saw something at the back side of our house. He told us he saw someone with a green shirt on walking.. my brother went and nobody was there. It was a dead end, with a cement fence so it is impossible for a person to go there… my nephew said it was an ugly looking guy and that was around 10 in the evening.

The following day ( all of these stuff happened last week) my brother around 11 in the eve went out of their room complaining as he said someone was knocking so hard on their wall. Adjacent to his room was my cousin sleeping who also came out and said he heard the same noise as if someone was some carpentry job! We all looked and no one was there. The hammering sound was gone, it was crazy as they all heard it. I probably did not hear it as i was preoccupied with my kids.

Then the following day, my brother was outside while everyone was sleeping and he was checking for the locks..when he saw a guy walking towards the backside of the house! It would be impossible again as the gates were locked and there is no exit at the back. He honestly got freaked out but got hold of himself and went at the back to check if the guy was there, he caught the guy walking and just disappeared out of thin air. It was totally crazy.

Then my sister in law came outside and she said she was already sleeping alone in their bed when she felt someone tickling her feet. She got mad as she thought it was my brother when she said no one was there with her. creepy.

I looked online and a lot said a cleansing should be done, using sage but i do not know what the local term for sage here! So a friend said i could use incense to do some cleansing… plus i used some holy water around the house and said a prayer shared by my friend who is a priest.

I have faith that it worked.


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