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Coffee Trip

on July 6, 2012

I am not much of a coffee drinker.. but lately the smell of it is just fascinating, so i made this a challenge to drink one cup of coffee a day. And i will be sharing with you how it tastes.. it is not the one that needs to be brewed or something, this challenge will be like a taste challenge for all brands that is out in the market lol. But i will have only a minimum of one coffee per day as more than that jeopardizes my system and when i say jeopardizes it means to the extreme!

So coffee number 1.

this one is an instant coffe, a 3-in1 coffee mix by Great Taste, i know this company has been around for sometime. I was actually craving for the Latte one which i saw in the commercial but forgot what company that was… when i went to the corner store, i saw this and i guess i will try this. This one is called WHITE because well it says to be smooth and creamy.. i could agree with the smooth part as it is smooth in the tongue but the creamy, it is not that creamy for me. Or i am just that picky. But all in all i like the aroma.. it smells good. Will i buy it again? probably i will. I did not pair it with anything, i was thinking of getting some bread to go with it or some crackers but i am not up for it. maybe tomorrow.


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