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My Vacation 2012 Part 2

on May 29, 2012

more vacation pictures for me. i miss seeing this view right now 😦

my hubby and my youngest son, so tired after the trip. they were snoring a lot! lol

my son with my uncle..

this is what i love during my vacation and what i miss. Fresh coconut meat and the juice of course.  it is tender and the picture i made that using just milk. Yummmmm!!!

this one is an almost gone HALEYA, it is made of fresh grated coconut milk with brown sugar which i caramelized.  My mom asked my aunt to cook bananas ( see pic below) and since i am not sure my children will eat it, i thought of making haleya because there are fresh coconut, the best dipping sauce to pair with the bananas! yummm! It is gone by the minute. Plus my cousins and nephews and nieces were so happy eating it as it is the first time they were able to taste something like that.

fresh boiled bananas, healthy and yummy!

“our house is a very very fine house…with two cats in the yard..” err that was from a song and we really do not have cats there but my dad has  6 dogs lol and this is the house – unfinished that is..

but i miss it 😦

the reason we went home was also because it was my grand father’s death anniversary and usually in the province people really celebrate such gatherings, as it become some reunion thing…and my father had someone prepare some food and one constant food that is present is what we call the HUMBA – made from pork cooked adobo style but is sweet. Since a lot is expected my uncle had to prepare a big yolk of it – thus the picture of him cooking the humba..

this picture i took of my kids with their greatgrandmother 🙂

i also miss this, the kids and my husband were pretty much relaxed and so happy back there.

:)) happy bunch here.

this is my youngest son with his great grandmother 🙂

i love this pic most because all three of my kids have smiley faces. The one carrying my son is my cousin, he pretty much love watching over my kids..

and this is my dad, this was dinner time.. 🙂

this is hubby diligently cleaning the area ^_^

how i wish i could just go back, we pretty much want to go back ASAP but well we are back to reality now… but glad i have these pictures to remind me there is good life still..somehow.


2 responses to “My Vacation 2012 Part 2

  1. socates says:

    ok ang mag ama, same position while sleeping. hehehe! like father, like son 😀

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