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wonders of a tulle

on May 25, 2012

Yes recently i found out that i could make something out of a tulle. Lol. I know it is isn’t new, it just dawned to me one day while i was on to search on ways on how to make a tutu for my daughter. My daughter wants a tutu and i could not afford to buy one and the ones available on the malls are quite expensive.

So i searched online and found ways on how to make a tutu without the need for sewing! double yey! as i really do not know how to sew. I could cut and paste better lol. But this method on making a tutu requires no pasting as well. All you need are cutting and knotting. So i did one for my daughter and just the day before someone ordered one from me for her little girl as i posted the pictures on facebook. Yey!

my daughter trying it out. lol

she pretty much love it.

then last night there were several soft tulle that are a bit short for the tutu, i then came up with the idea to convert it to a headband ribbon, why not right? so i did

this one from a purple tulle that i have, this is a non- sparkly tulle, the middle i wrapped with a thin ribbon. i like the simplicity of it, i would prefer attaching it to a clip but i could not find extra clips so i took my daughter’s plain hair ponytails and attached the purple ribbon tulle to it. voila! it is gorgeous.

this one is the second one i made last night. I used a metallic soft tulle which is in pink, it has glitters which i love. I apologize for the pixels for this picture because i used a different cam to take a picture of this one. i t hen looked for gem to go with it, lol that gem i took from of my daughter’s old ribbon clip which she does not use anymore. This one she loves. but she opted not to use it and ask me to give it to her best friend. Then i promised her that i will make another one for her.

i love what i have done here, i might go and make another one later tonight. 🙂


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