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it is that time of the year again

on May 23, 2012

Yes it is that time of the year again where i have my list of things my kids need in school..and it is listed below.

books – books are sad to say not free in schools here, so i need to purchase them and they really that costly.

bags – yes i do need to buy them new bags, the ones they have used last year are pretty much worn out.

socks – i cannot seem to know where the socks are, i could not find the pairs, i could not find the exact match. i guess our waching machine ate them.

uniform ( yes they have uniforms – the polo and blouses can be purchased ready made in malls)

undies – yes i always buy them new undies.

shoes – shoes are like quite expensive and i need to invest in new shoes because my kids tend to be shoe destroyers, so a sturdy one is a must lol.

school supplies – this one i have not gone out and buy yet – i will do this after their first day of class as that will be the time their teacher will give them lists of what they need for school, might as well wait for it.

tumblers – for water, i found one tumbler with insulators that keep the water hot or cold – of course depending on what you put in it. I found ones sold by avon which i love, it is in color blue and its insulator bag is cute, i ordered one and i know my kids will love it.


most of the items i listed above, i already accomplished.. apart from that i also need to pay for their tuition fees.


oh man. this is a lot more expensive than Christmas.


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