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this is the good life

on May 21, 2012

Yes somehow life is still so good and there are still good things in this life.

I just arrived from a short break with my husband and three kids. We left for Dapitan City last Wednesday at 2 in the morning. Before we left, i was cramming as i was not prepared and hubby is not prepared as he had things in mind some unfinished business…but in the end we still decided to go for it. See with three kids in tow, the bus ride was painstaking. it was HARD. lol. Imagine three dizzy kids, in an air conditioned bus…and the three vomited. you guys get the picture? it was not an easy ride. But glad we still arrived at the destination safely.

There are several things i learned from the bus ride:

a. bring a lot of plastic bags ( kids used it for their puke ^_^)

b. make sure they puked in the plastic ( Juanzen was not that of a shooter lol it didn’t go inside the plastic) it was that BAD.

But yes we did arrive at Dipolog City all safe and sound, my mom arrived just in time for to pick us up, then stopped at the grocery to buy some groceries.. as we will be heading to the mountains and there will be no store in the area – not even signal for our mobile phones!

I even prepped my kids on where we are heading but they pretty much have an idea on where we are going and they are tired but excited still.

this is the site that took my breath till now 🙂 the hike going up was really that tiring, till now my legs are weak hahaha a few more weeks of going up and down there would really make me strong! But yes the place is a beauty, that is why my parents opted to build a home there and do some “farmville” lol this is also the site you get to see when you wake up and the last you will see when you go to sleep.

my parent’s cute lil home, yes it is not yet done and still on the process of building it. lol it might be small but it did fit all of us. me, hubby and my three kids slept in side and my mom and dad slept outside the balcony.. it was soooooooo breezy at night. The first night was an adventure though, the windows were not yet installed and we were not prepared for the rain that took us by surprise at 3 am! It was that hard and strong and i really heard the wind howling! My mom and dad scrambled to put the big rain coats as cover for the window so my kids won’t get yet..and then we went back to sleep. lol it was an adventure. The second night we heard the dogs howling for some scary reasons we do not know. but the morning site is always a glory to behold, the sea in front of you looking so serene and so silent.

That is why my main agenda was to visit the sea.

Yet i didn’t know it would be that FAR . I asked my cousins if it is near and they said it is. Well for them it is near but not for us who got used to always riding a vehicle lol..

walking on our way to the beach 🙂 the kids were pretty much happy about it. talking while walking..

When you say Dapitan, people would often have DAKAK in mind, that is a famous beach resort here. But dakak is overrated for me, there are cheaper ones here and there are ones that are FREE. ^_^

like this beach for one, after a few minutes of walking… this site took our breath away again and all the tiredness from all the walking was gone. The sand is golden like, its like little pebbles of gold, the water is shallow so it is safe for my children to wade in the water. I was not even concerned when my little guy – 2 year old JJ walked straight to water  and he was not afraid as it is crystal clear. The sands are fine it would not hurt you feet at all. It was sheer heaven.

my son with my father playing in the water 🙂

i feel great knowing the trip was all worth it, based from their smiles, laughter.. i know they really had fun and it was all worth it. I was looking at them wading in the clear water, i know i made the right decision of bringing them here.


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