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another mother’s day post

on May 12, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day to all mommies out there – yes i am making this post a day in advance because i won’t be logging in tomorrow. I will make the most out of mother’s day. 😛

Anyways, i found this neat site about mother’s day i didn’t know Mother’s day celebrations originate from honoring the Greek Goddess Isis..and Rhea the mother of Gods… but then again i wonder why i have to be surprised about this as almost anything originates from the, no matter what the origins says, mothers are worth praising and celebrating their existence. I mean, i may not have the picture perfect relationship with my own mother, she is still worth greeting happy mother’s day and maybe i would probably tell her i love her through text… it might be some way to break the gap right?

These past few days actually were kinda funny especially at home because i think my kids are up to something, well… a “surprise” for tomorrow i believe but then, it isn’t much a surprise because my 5 year old blurted out that they have a surprise…lol and they ran out of paper hahahaha! so i kinda know what to expect but then again, i might just act surprise right and appreciate what they will give me..which is heart-warming.

I am actually not expecting some gifts or flowers as my ever dearest husband is not fond of giving flowers.. maybe a few hours where i could rest and pamper myself will be enough 😛

But as for tomorrow, i will not just greet mothers.. in fact, i will also take time to greet my own husband – a happy mother’s day. Why? well there were times when i know he was more of a mother than me. He in fact, can cook better than me, can do the laundry better than me….and can giggle more with my kids, dance more with my kids… in fact these reasons i often find myself thinking i am inadequate to be a mom at all…. but he is that great of a person that he would often tell me that he isn’t doing those to rub it on my face… but just doing that because he loves us and it does not matter if i am bad at those stuff sometimes.. and i love him more for it…so Happy Mother’s day to you my dear hubby. I even know especially here in the Philippines that there are fathers who are stay at home fathers, who are the ones looking after their kids while their wives are at work, or even overseas working… the roles are switched, and these fathers need to be honoured as well during this time of the year. So to all fathers being mommies… Happy mother’s day to you.

And for those mothers working overseas, working at home or in the office… to all mothers who are working their asses off just to be able to provide for their children, for those mothers sacrificing time and even themselves just to give their children the brightest future they could give – Happy Mother’s Day to you. This world will not be a better place to live in without you Mommies.

I personally would also like to greet my friends who are now mommies – Donna, Chet ( congrats, another baby boy!), Det mwah! Happy mother’s day to you guys – love you lots!



One response to “another mother’s day post

  1. socates says:

    kahit di ako nanay pa…sige like ko ito. hehehehe

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