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Mother’s Day is near

on May 11, 2012

Yes indeed Mother’s Day is near and i have been seeing a lot of mother related posts online.. usually i just ignore it as mother’s day is still a few days away… but i found this link on my news feed on facebook go watch it everyone. It touched my heart and even made me teary eyed. Thank you for that friend who shared it. It is a realization, the mother is so inspiring for me. She did not abort her child who had a cleft on both eyes and is blind… and she love her child no matter what people tell her. Amazing story.

This prompted me to think about my relationship with my own mother. I could honestly say, i do not have a very great relationship with her. In fact i envy those people who could come to their mother’s arms when they are in need and have problems, in fact i could never do that. I was the opposite, i tend to shy away from her…for some reasons that must have rooted way back when i was in my teen years i guess. I grew up in a family where we do not show emotions, nor say we love each other. I grew up looking at my mother as my mother and never as my friend. It is hard till now to tell her how i feel, what my problems are and for some reasons i believe it will remain that way. But that does not mean i love her and i know some how she loves me too.. she was there on times when i needed her, just that i never had any hugs nor kisses from her… she was just not that showy of her emotions and i want to but i could not get myself to do it. I wish i could have that courage… the only time i could tell her i love her is through text.

It is also made me think of what my relationship is like between me and my kids, i do tell them i love them everyday, i hug them and kiss them, i want them to know i could be a friend and make it different for them.

Mother’s day is near and somehow i do not expect that day to be different but somehow…how i  wish it would be.. oh well, let’s wait and see.


Advance Happy mother’s day to all mothers…..


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