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Friendship – 14 years and counting

on May 4, 2012

Do you have set of friends that lasted for a long long time? Just last month, i was able to get back with my friends, if i would compare them to something, i would say they are like my best pair of worn pants that no matter how long or how old it is, i love wearing them. They are that way to me.

it is just sad that we rarely get to see each other as each is busy with their own lives..we were friends since high school so that is like more than 14 years of friendship that stood the test of time. But like i have said we rarely get to see each other as some are working overseas, one is studying medicine and is bound to be a doctor anytime soon and just got engaged… while one recently passed the architectural licensure examination – how cool is that. Yes all my friends are pretty much professionals now and living the best of their lives… one is also married like me who just gave birth last year and is now having another one this year – caught up by surprise but she is happy about it… one just had her heartbroken and yes if we would see the guy we will definitely kill the guy as he was not so nice when he broke up with her, leaving her on the road! What a guy. One is in Manila working in a call center and the others are in the middle east working as nurses..

Good thing is some of them went home last April and we gathered at this place called WICHCRAFT. I got a laugh when i heard we were going to this place, as i was here for like forever and i didn’t know this place exist. I feel old lol. but yes seriously, we have a bar/shop that is named that way..WICHCRAFT ( i guess the owner prefer to have the name spelled that way) and they seriously have knock out foods…

this is one of their sandwhiches..and this is a single serving! it is quit big but i did forgot the name of the sandwich all i could remember is the size lol and it is chicken inside and that is croissant… ^_^

if you are a vegetarian you will love this, this is taco with those veggies on top, the taco is not quite seen as it is drown under all those veggies! It has some salsa dipping in the middle, i love it though, i didn’t know i would like it at first but surprisingly i was able to eat it and love it…

this is us, lacking some..hopefully we would be able to complete the picture. 🙂

14 years of friendship and counting. 🙂


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