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dresses dresses and dresses

on May 4, 2012

are you one who loves to wear dresses all the time? i remember there was a time where pants are the craze, from straight cut, to bell bottoms – wide bottoms, to skinny jeans. Now as i was opening my facebook page, i could see nothing else but dresses for sale.

It is summer time so dresses are fad as it can be refreshing to use.

I have seen some online that i would love to wear but i would rather just look now than see….as i could not fit it in my budget ^_^

Imagei actually love this one.. nice for the beach!  and for only 200 – 300 pesos!


this one is nice, can be worn in the office or parties at night!


i love this one as well… hmmmm pretty tempting. 

^_^ summer! 


4 responses to “dresses dresses and dresses

  1. socates says:

    binabalak ko mag suot ng dress..hehehe

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