in order to really enjoy any story, you need to get the ending out of the way as soon as possible


on May 3, 2012

Yaya – that is what we call our kid’s nannies here. Mine actually just left at a spur of the moment.

See last Sunday we were even at the beach.. to enjoy – hey its summer!

but alas, Monday came, things went well in the morning, i arrived at the office quite early to start work…when i received an sms message from my nanny, thinking she might need something at home, i opened it and she said she needs to go home that NIGHT!! what the – i was actually pissed off. You see before you leave i need to find a replacement first as my kid is not a puppy i could just put in a cage for crying out loud.

But she insisted and i have no choice. Good thing, the following day, Tuesday May 1 is a holiday. A blessing in disguise. I have time to look for a yaya ASAP, yes she left at dawn…and well i could not really say what i want, i just told her good riddance and thank you.

It got me thinking actually, was i bad? i mean i do not think i am. Her reason was that her brother texted her and needs to go home… hmm ok what can i do? i cannot hold someone that long too.. but i am good to her, was err… whatever. I even put her to school, she was with me for a year and a few months actually. Yes i put her to school…while working for me. There is a school here at offers Sunday school for high school students..and i enrolled her to that school.. i have a big heart they say as i do not want her to be in that status all her life so i teach her what she needs to do – finish school. Yes i provided her tuition, things in school, even gave her shoes, notebooks and stuff..see? because when i employ someone i do not want them to feel left out.. i want them to be part of my family.. what my kids eat she eats.. unlike those who employ and have this separate line between them and the employed staff..

So it does boggle the mind on why she left. Which makes me sad.. and my kid was sad too but then again what can i do? people come and go into our lives..and we have to accept it..

So this morning was a new start. I woke up at 4:30, usually at 5 or 5:30 but now a bit earlier because there are PLENTY of chores… cooked breakfast, clean before going to work, arranged clothes, soak some laundry, see to it the kid’s needs are ready so that the one who will look after my kids wont have problems.. phew it is tiring but i have to work this out – being yaya-less.. and yes i got lucky as  a cousin of mine volunteered for this, he is on summer vacation and glad he could chip yes i am still searching for a permanent one..

yaya -less ^_^


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