in order to really enjoy any story, you need to get the ending out of the way as soon as possible

The Best Of Me

on May 3, 2012

No matter how busy, i found some time last weekend to read a book. I actually did not buy any, i was able to find ways to read one lol… through an ebook that can be download to my phone – Samsung Corby 2, it is in Java Form and i find it fascinating lol i liked it. I could browse page by page and read it without hassle at all!

I was able to download N. Sparks, The Best of Me

I find the book full of depth, i didn’t know it would turn that way. I chose the book as i was wanting to read a book that is light and with love. But this book wasn’t light at all, yes it is full of love..the kind of love at the wrong place and at the wrong time – twice. At the end of the book, i myself do not know what kind of ending i would like, with this one i didn’t read the ending first…and i was surprised at the ending. I thought the two main characters would end up together but i thought wrong as they didn’t which was sad and disappointing as i really love both Dawson and Amanda, they seemed like perfect couples that should end up together. Dawson’s part was sadder as he was alone from the start and till the end he died alone which was really disappointing and as for Amanda, she was the lucky one actually as she was able to marry and had wonderful kids.. and she is lucky as at the end Dawson still gave the best of him. The “ghost” part that Dawson kept on seeing was a surprise for me as well, the story got me guessing as who that ghost is…

It was not the most happy books i have read… but if ever this turned into a movie, i do not think i would watch this as the ending was heavy and disheartening for me.. but then again not all are happy endings.. 😦


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