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sorting out what is on my mind

on May 3, 2012

There are many things that keep my mind in a jumble lately.

I honestly do not know what i want now – except to work and find money. But i want to have some passion and be able to make money out of it.

But yes, i want to do things related to what i love.

I want to paint, to create… i want to be like her

Lol. i know she is that experienced and soooo good at this, but then she started from scratch too right? i even add her on facebook and yes she replied to me! yey. I find her tutorials on youtube quite easy to follow and i am practicing it at home as well. but i do  lack the materials as snazaroo, diamond FX face paints are not available here in Zamboanga. I had to order it online which can be pretty expensive as the shipping is a bit expensive. But i love what she does and hopefully i could be as good as her.. i mean it isn’t too later right? i am practicing brush strokes..and hopefully i could post some worthy pictures..

and also.. i have been blogging actually but not just here the past few days, i was on MYLOT. It is a discussion site where you can earn through your participation, i am quite happy to say as i have been reaching payouts every month, might not be that much but it is something! so if you are interested i can share you the link too.. it is fun actually especially if you are one who loves to posts and make threads, it is just like blogging as well..

and oh yeah i have been making tutu for me to sell as well..

see? so much i want to do yet so little time to have it all organized!


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