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Life Oh Life

on May 3, 2012

See there are several – plenty in fact on why i was absent here for sometime.

My son was hospitalized – so i need to be a mommy first. He was diagnosed with 2nd strain of dengue – that was first week of April when it happened.

this was the last day at the hospital, he was transfused with blood and plasma..and the last day was also his birthday..he blew candles at hospital ^_^

and this was one him with the cakes πŸ™‚



my son – all new hip him πŸ™‚ and healthier him.






then after a week, i was the one who got sick… i got an abscesses which was really bad – having fever and body aches…. and no pics for that as it was gross. Really gross. but the anti biotics helped a lot… even though it was expensive on my part. Imagine P128 a medicine and you have to take twice for a day. Oh well.

Then came office work, a was absent for some days that i know work is indeed pending and it is the time of the year again where we need to file some annual statements needed by the Insurance Commission, since i am working in a microinsurance and we are licensed under the IC they want us to submit some documents and data per year…so it is that time again and boy, the most stressful time of the month.

Oftentimes i would even think if all the work and stress i get from this job is worth it, a part of me would say yes, in a way i help people but then a part of me also says no, as there are times i neglect my children for leaving them at home and going home quite late because of over time and when i get home i get so stressed i barely have time to play with them…which makes me want to scream because i feel like a horrible mommy.. 😦 but then bills are coming and that is one thing i could not stop and i need to pay those bills and i need the money this work could give me…. maybe soon. soon i could just be a stay at home mommy…

Then it is May now and guess what time of the year again? ENROLLMENT time, one of the two most expensive time of the month ( the other one is Christmas) at this time, i need to have money for the books, school supplies, uniforms, bags and everything that comes with school.. oh not to mention the shoes too, the socks and new undies for my kids. It can be mind blowing sometimes to think of the expenses.. but well it comes with being a parent.. unless i home school them? which is not common here in the Philippines and that would also need for me to be a stay at home mom.. oh well…

but it is time of the month for Bonuses – my first reaction would be Yipeee!! but then i had to suppress that glee as i realized it is just mid-year and it is a bit small.. lol… not even enough to sustain what my children needs plus the debts that need to be paid.

see? so much happen, its like life has been dodging me with big balls everyday… how i wish life can be that simple..

yet again it is part of our life to surpass all these…God didn’t give me all these if i would not be able to surpass it all right? sometimes it is easier to just lie down and cry myself to sleep but only to my disappointment, i would wake up again feeling the same and things are the same. So i stopped doing that, instead when i feel like shit, i go to my children and play with them. The laughter are like medicine…

Just like last night, I end up playing JUMP with my youngest, 2 year old Jhon, and i end up so tired as he won’t let me stop jumping. It seemed ages since i last played with them. It felt great.

and oh yeah, my nanny just left the other day without me being able to look for replacement!





4 responses to “Life Oh Life

  1. Sorry about all of the recent stresses. I’m glad your little guy is home and better now. Nothing worse than having a sick child… so much worry and you wish you could do anything for them to be feeling better! This post is from a while ago now so I hope you’ve managed to fin a new nanny that you are just thrilled with.

    Best wishes,


    • Thank you for taking time to respond πŸ™‚ my kiddo is fine now just that i have not find a nanny yet, it is quite hard to find the right one lately. Someone applied for a nanny position but i declined as she was coughing! It is scary what she might transmit to my kids…so i am still on the hunt for a nanny before school starts here.

      • It’s so important to feel comfortable with the person your leaving your little one with. It’s good you went with your gut even if you’re desperate to fill the position. I’ll pray for you that the right person for your family applies soon. πŸ™‚

      • I hope so i find the right person to look after my kid as it is really disturbing especially when i am at the mind really wanders back at home, its like i want to rush home and see if he is fine.. πŸ™‚

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