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on May 3, 2012

It has been days since i logged into my blog and well what did i see? i was notified that i now have 20 followers! Yey! thank you guys for following my blog and i will try my best to keep up with you now.

There were just too much going on lately that i only get to blog now, a friend who encourages me to blog more even texted me and asked me why i wasn’t blogging anymore.. well she could read my previous post lol.. i tried to be descriptive as possible..


oh well guys i am back!


3 responses to “20 followers

  1. b2800 says:

    Wow – Great news for you I imagine. Maybe I should be absent from my Blog for a while – Maybe the same whill happen to me, Lol.

    Nice looking blog by the way. Thanks for sharing.

  2. socates says:

    i am inggit again kasi you have 20 followers na…ako 6 lang…i have 898 hits…but i do not know how many liked my post……life is so unfair…ahahahahaha…seriously, i am so happy for you

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