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Mars Needs MOMS

on March 28, 2012

Yeah – Mars Needs Moms, i saw this movie last night. Actually this was the second time my kids saw this movie, the first one was i think last Sunday night which i ignored as i do not feel like watching such movie – it looked sci-fi to me..hahaha i would rather watched a barbie movie 😛

Last night, the kids were watching this again, i actually saw the first part of the movie last Sunday but i was not interested enough to finish it all the day. But last night as they were watching it and i was half – watching it, something caught my eye and got me  watching it.  It was already at the part where the little boy was trying to tug his mom free from the straps as this laser beam thing like was about to hit her and with all his effort he was able to tug his mom free… and the scene where they were running to the space ship was funny too… till he fell and broke his helmet that give him supply of oxygen..then the mom gave him her own helmet and she fell unconscious..that scene made me teary eyed though. He was crying because he thought the mom would die and he was saying how much he loves her. I didn’t know the moral of the movie was that and glad it was as my kids did understand it..anyways my point is, cartoon makers, movie makes should make more movies like this then. It has soul.



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