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talk about sharks!

on March 21, 2012

Last night, i end up watching Discovery Channel’s River Monsters with my daughter. The topic was about sharks in fresh water. Jeremy Wade the host – an expert Angler wants to discover how big these sharks that were rumoured to rule the waters of “beedoe bay” ( errr…i forgot the spelling but it was in South Africa). Jeremy Wade with the help of scientists want to look for the shark that rule the water as there were shark attacks that happened in the area..

It was fun explaining to my daughter that sharks aren’t really that harmful, just so happens that were they live, humans also they share the same water, play with the same water and thus attacks happened.. ( as i do not want her to be afraid to go swimming because i am honestly not a water person :P)As i was explaining it to her…she fell asleep. lol I do not know if out of boredom or she was just tired.

Anyways i end up watching it with my nephew who came in our room curious of the show. He got handful of questions and end up asking me what an angler is..well Jeremy Wade is an angler, an experienced fisherman right? that is the most simple explanation i could give to an 8 year old lol. It was fun as he was amazed how knowledgeable i am with the sharks hahahahah ( from too much watching Discovery :P) I told him i know of bull sharks, tiger sharks, whale sharks, hammer head sharks – like the one in Nemo – he agreed on this one and was happy about it because he was able to identify what a hammer head shark is and of course the great white shark which of course i mentioned the movie JAWS. It was great being able to tell him these as i find it fun to share what i know even though it is only a little as i saw how interested he was.

As the show near to the end… my brother came in and told his own story. He said there were in South Africa ( i again forgot the name of the Bay they were at) anyways, he said they were able to catch a 70 kilo shark!!! after catching of course they ate it..and before he came home there were even plenty of left overs.  lol. I do not know if it is good or bad to eat these sharks but hell..atleast he get to see sharks!!! I only saw them in Ocean Park 3 years ago.. and they were pretty tamed though… unless i go inside and they might get rowdy hahahaha.. scary.

These are reasons why i loved watching such shows, i am not a nerd..or a geek… or i just do not admit it. But i do love it as i am learning something plus get to share some new facts with my kids and my nephew.

this was at the end of the show where they were able to catch the notorious bull shark! It was scary it didn’t attack them like the one in Jaws huh? lol must be different behavior as it was a great white and directed by a director lol… but seriously, i also learned that Bull sharks can tolerate fresh water because they have this special gland in them that can filter and can store they can travel in rivers, in fresh waters which makes it them a whole lot harmful than the great whites… plus when they attack they do not bite immediately, instead they nudge you first and then bite you. Still scary. But you got to respect these creatures, they are really BIG and also intelligent ones, it was explained there that their nose – that sharp area in front of their head can detect metals…therefore Jeremy Wade even made a custom made hook..and used live baits. Amazing!

my nerdy self again. 😛


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