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time to chill

on March 17, 2012

Lately things have been too much.

Feel like puking even.

So it is time to chill. relax.

Had dinner with family the other day as it was my husband’s niece’s birthday..

the one in white is my daughter…and of course the one in gown is Joelle, my huby’s niece.. she is 9 years old…

and there is my hubby with my little boy… the restaurant we went to was by the sea.. it was a nice change of environment even for awhile…away from my pile of work lol..

and here we and hubby goofing around…

its nice to laugh again after several days of toxic work 😛

and yes i saw these two! TWINS!!! Lyka and Angel.. i cannot tell now which is which, i was fascinated as how much they look alike.. i believe twins are like one of God’s miracle. One of the two was seated beside me and as i was eating Halo Halo ( yes they have a bar there which allows you to make your own halo halo) she was looking at me, gawking and asking me to give her some which i did and she heartily ate it! They are cute…

the restaurant / hotel where the party was held is actually one of the best in the city.. they have these as the beach 🙂 which is nice…

and yes that is bad bad daughter was the one who took this..and it came as a blur but i showed this to show the cabana type..people can dine here..they even have this eat all you can scheme for P150.00 i think..

a clearer view of it… 🙂

me and the bday girl..

the halo halo hubby made lol it wasn’t the best looking though but he loved it as it was full of pinipig! Hindi daw cya halo halo unless may pinipig – or rice krispies in english right? anyways it has ube ice cream ( yam) some gelatin in milk, banana..yummm!!!

all in all, i glad i went there, as i was able to chill…to enjoy 🙂 plus the place was great too – Lantaka Hotel by the sea ( am i endorsing again? 😛 )


One response to “time to chill

  1. Maki says:

    You have showed great perseverance behind the blog. It’s been enriched since the beginning. I love to share to with my friends. Carry on.

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