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on March 9, 2012

ok, lately i have been watching The Voice 2 ( mostly because of Adam Levine ) lol.

oh yes..this guy in between. I surveyed around if they think this guy in the middle is hot. lol. Well yes he is! one of the reasons why i love the Voice right now. apart from the great singing, my bet right now is Tony Lucas the former member of Micky Mouse club 🙂 i also watch the show because of Adam L. he looks cool actually..or i just like guys with his built ( i know i know hubby might read this 😛 )

Just that lately the shows are heartbreaking!! It the battle rounds and they get to choose which artists they want stay and there are choices which how i wish they could like redo, like betweelen Raelyn and Adlyn… cmon!! Blake should have chosen Adlyn, Raelyn was way way way shaky from the very beginning. She just looks tooooo cool and cute and like from the gene of Taylr Swift but she just does not have any power like Adlyn!!! Or maybe Blake is just into cuties like her huh? Look at Miranda. lol.  Anyways, i do agree with Cee Lo’s choices though.. no complaints lol mostly because his team consists of artists that go for rock!! which i love.

but – but – but.. i also watch American Idol, i switch channels from time to time because i watch out for Jessica! She is a Filipino – Mexican who is in the Top 13!!!


That is Jessica Sanchez – another Filipino yey!! and another Asian that i root for Hie Jun Han!! Very very cool voice. How i wish i got that talent… ^_^

another show that i keep my eyes glued upon..

. is So you think you can Dance.





This is Tadd Gadduang. Another Filipino contestant!! He is very good as well. He got passion and talent and is sooooo amazing. I have seen the episode last week and he shared that his first dance show in school was a Filipino Folk dance!





so… if i am not watching CSI or NCIS.. i go and look for these shows. Even the reruns i watch. 🙂


One response to “hooked.

  1. fivereflections says:

    i’ll have to check this out some day!

    David in Maine USA

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