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on March 2, 2012

I brought this correction tape just this morning..and i ripped its cover and i was surprised with what i saw. The drawings actually are that of clouds,stars and a little dog that looks like a lil bunny… the brand if “deli” i guess this is one of those china made stuff.

Well as i ripped it off,  I saw a word that i believe isn’t supposed to be there. For me, it is unlikely to be there.

Just see the picture.

if you take a closer look, you will see in that piece of paper that i ripped.. that the word there is SATAN. For some reasons i cannot fathom why such word would be in a correction tape???

As i took a close look, it is indeed SATAN written on that paper. I tried to see the whole sentence but i cannot make a coherent sentence out of those words. Maybe the translation was just wrong right??? but of all words..why that? I am not really some anti satan lol but i was just surprised with what i saw.

I took the correction tape and saw this sentence… “THAT LIMB OF SATAN LIKES SILLY GAMES.” I do not know why such is written, i could not even comprehend that. Those are the words below the word DOLL…which i apologize as my camera ain’t clear. The word above DOLL is Rainbow. See? Satan – doll- rainbow – limbs – games do not go together.

This is weird – so weird.


One response to “Satan?

  1. Bong says:

    Good post, my friend…

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